Wherever you live, the shape and feel of your community didn’t happen at random.

Across the nation, communities take their form from land use planning. Some communities are livable for everyone and support thriving local economies, while some struggle economically and are choked with traffic. The thing is, land use planning isn’t just lines on maps and complex codes and rules. It’s the world outside your front door, it’s the history of your neighborhood, and it’s the possibilities your community has for tomorrow. And it’s what 1000 Friends focuses on every day in our offices around the state.

Here are some ways that land use planning affects your life and community, wherever you live:

Your Commute.

Having options for getting around is more than a matter of painting bike lanes, building sidewalks, and designating bus stops. It’s a matter of being connected, close, and convenient. Your community can give you efficient and safe options for getting to work or school, or it can make driving the only realistic option, clogging streets and polluting the air. Good land use planning is the key to options that get you everywhere you want to go.

An apple a day isn’t enough to keep the doctor away. Good health depends on good land use planning. A community where it’s easy to get where you’re going and you have real transportation options keeps you and your family healthy by enabling a more active lifestyle, as well as safer streets and cleaner air. It’s good for you, and it’s good for your wallet, too.

Your Health.

Your Job.

Whatever line of work you are pursuing, good land use planning attracts the companies and employers you want to work for, and keeps them thriving. It drives innovation and helps create new industries. And limiting sprawl saves millions of dollars on roads, sewers, and other publicly-funded services—reducing your taxes and helping businesses grow.

Do you want your food to come from across the ocean or from just down the road? Land use planning is the line between houses and farmland, and it determines how far your dinner has to travel to get to your plate. In Oregon, thanks to good land use planning, the food you eat can be local, even if you live in the city. Meanwhile, local markets give farmers security, and support thousands of good jobs all over the state. Learn more here.

Your Plate.

Your Air,
Your Water,
Your World.

In Oregon, you can quickly get out of town to hike, ski, or bike in our incredible natural landscapes thanks to land use planning, which has protected those places from resort development and privatization.  And good land use planning helps keep your community’s air clean, water plentiful, and energy bills low. Oregon simply isn’t Oregon without it.
You want to see your community succeed and grow more prosperous. Good land use planning improves home values, fosters new investment in underdeveloped areas, and gives everyone options for homes that fit their lifestyle. It gives you local businesses to walk or bike to and keeps money circulating in your community.



And above all,

Land Use is a Choice.

It’s a choice that expresses your values for community, environment, and economy, now and far into the future. Whether you live in a city, suburbs, or in the country, this choice affects your life every day. The patterns aren’t the same in every community, nor should they be.

Yet wherever you live, 1000 Friends of Oregon works to help your community make the right land use choices for the future. We believe every Oregon community can use good land use planning to be more prosperous, innovative, and sustainable. It’s the core of our work, from the legislature to city halls around the state: ensuring that the land use choices we make today protect a livable, productive, healthy Oregon tomorrow.

We hope you'll join us. It begins by opening your eyes to the patterns all around you, and asking how they can be better for you and your family.


What You Can Do

Spread the word. Tell your friends, family, and leaders about how land use has made a difference in your community, and why you support good land use planning far into the future.  Take action here.

Support our work. Fighting for good land use is what we do. But it takes a lot of resources. If you believe that land use is essential to Oregon's future, we can use your help. Make a tax-deductible contribution to 1000 Friends of Oregon here.