Measure 105: Wrong for Land Use, Wrong for Oregon

Russ Hoeflich
Mon, 09/24/2018 (All day)

As Americans, we begin September with Labor Day, in celebration of all working people in our great nation. Especially in Oregon, the hard-working traditions of ranching, agriculture, and forestry are still very much a part of our identity and our economy. Oregon’s prosperity is dependent on the labor provided, year in and year out, by thousands of immigrant Oregonians who, like generations before, came here in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Responsible land use in Oregon would not be possible without the active and open participation of immigrant families; indeed, the state of Oregon would not exist at all.

This is why, as Executive Director of 1000 Friends of Oregon, I am pleased and proud to announce that the board and staff of this organization are unanimously endorsing the “No on Measure 105” campaign led by One Oregon and Oregonians United Against Racial Profiling.

We believe that the majority of the 19 land use goals established by Senate Bill 100, which we have worked to protect and uphold for nearly 50 years, are endangered by Measure 105.

We believe in particular that Goal 1, ensuring public participation in the planning processes that are the foundation of our land use system, is already being eroded by the same sorts of racial profiling and scare tactics that the passage of Measure 105 would unleash in full force across our state.

We believe that the agricultural and forest lands protected by Goals 3 and 4 will be rendered unsustainable by the passage of Measure 105. It will stigmatize and destabilize the people, families, and communities that work our farms, ranches, and forests, the bounty of which benefits us all.

We believe that the continuous diversification and improvement of the state’s economy, called for in Goal 9, is therefore also endangered.

We believe that the safety and livability of our towns, our cities, our rural communities, and of Oregon itself are at stake.

We believe that Oregon was made strong by Senate Bill 100, passed in 1973, and stronger still by the passage of what is now known as Oregon’s Sanctuary Law in 1987, but which Measure 105 seeks to repeal.

We believe that state and local resources are needed in Oregon, for Oregonians, and should not be allowed to be co-opted for federal purposes, as Measure 105 would do.

We believe that all Oregonians, immigrant or not, deserve an enhanced quality of life and access to livable urban and rural communities. At 1000 Friends of Oregon, this is part of our mission. Any law that would allow any Oregonian to be harassed, intimidated, detained, or arrested simply for appearing to be an immigrant is an offense to our mission and values, and we will unite with those who stand against it.

We believe that, were he alive today, our founder, Republican Governor Tom McCall, would stand with us. In his own words:

Quality of life is the sum total of the fairness of our tax structure; the caliber of our homes; the cleanliness of our air and water; and the provision of affirmative assistance to those who cannot assist themselves. True quality is absent if we allow social suffering to abide in an otherwise pristine environment.

We believe that Measure 105 is wrong for land use, wrong for Oregonians, and wrong for Oregon.

Join us in taking the pledge to vote “No on Measure 105” this fall.


Russ Hoeflich​
Executive Director

Interested in helping the campaign? Volunteer to call or canvas and encourage others to vote NO on Measure 105. Let the campaign know that 1000 Friends sent you!