February 3, 2015

Representative Brian Clem, Chair

Committee Members

House Committee on Rural Communities, Land Use and Water

State Capitol

900 Court St. NE

 Salem Oregon 97301

Re: HB 2047

1000 Friends of Oregon supports HB 2047.  This bill makes only technical adjustments, to correct some mapping errors, in the Metro reserve boundaries that the Legislature previously adjusted. 

The mapping changes include clarification of road names (for example, on page 1, line 18, the correct road name is “Northwest Cornelius Pass Road”); correcting which section a particular tax lot is located in (for example, page 2, lines 21-23, the TL 100 referred to is in section 21AA, not section 15, of a particular township/range description); clarifying directions (for example, page 1, lines 18 and 21); and correcting a road right-of-way description (for example, page 2, line 45 to page 3, line 2).

We urge the committing to recommend passing this bill.


Mary Kyle McCurdy
Policy Director and Staff Attorney