February 12, 2015

Representative Brian Clem, Chair

Committee Members

House Committee on Rural Communities, Land Use and Water

State Capitol

900 Court St. NE

Salem Oregon 97301

Re: HB 2456

1000 Friends of Oregon supports HB 2456.  In the 2013 session, the Legislature adopted HB 2254, directing the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) to adopt administrative rules establishing an optional urban growth boundary (UGB) amendment process using some “safe harbor” methodologies.  1000 Friends was part of a large work group that helped to craft HB 2254, and we are part of the current Rules Advisory Committee that LCDC is using to develop administrative rules to implement that bill.

However, HB 2254 has an error.  It has bill sections addressing both large and small cities.  For one element, these two sections are supposed to have identical language, but that language was inadvertently omitted from the “large city” section.  HB 2456 merely inserts that language in where it was intended.

We urge the committing to recommend passing this bill.


Mary Kyle McCurdy
Policy Director and Staff Attorney