How You Can Help 1000 Friends of Oregon

We love Oregon. We love the forests, the farms, the coast, the mountains. We love our natural areas and our urban core. We love the diverse communities and the fresh air. We love Oregon, and we know you love it, too. Our organization works tirelessly to ensure Oregon's landscapes (and people!) are protected against costly sprawl, contaminated brownfields, and climate change. It's a big job. We need your help!

Here are four ways you can be a part our passionate team and support Oregon's future success.


Join the McCall Society

Hands down the best way to support our efforts to improve affordable living options for all Oregonians and strengthen a booming agriculture industry, the McCall Society donors are those who give gifts of $1000 per year ($84 per month) or more. McCall Society members are generous and dedicated. Not only do they fund our Emerging Advocates program of future land use leaders, but they also show their support for our work in the legislature by attending hearings and testifying. From family farmers to city planners, our McCall Society members are a truly passionate group. It would be a pleasure to welcome you into this community of supporters.

Become a Monthly Giver

Our monthly supporters are the soldiers in the battle for Oregon's landscapes. When we needed help defeating a bill that would cripple the land use program in Eastern Oregon or when our Hub and Spoke program popped up to partner with local organizations and support help low-income communities and communities of color, the monthly donors fought for and with us. Our successes are the result of consistent gifts from this core group of friends. Please consider joining their ranks.

Become a Member

1000 Friends of Oregon members are committed to making Oregon a productive, equitable place for everyone to enjoy. Membership begins at $35. These friends are as loyal as they come. In addition to helping defend the goals of the land use program, such as providing affordable housing options for all and fostering public participation, our members rally around our participation in the Rogue Valley Food System Network and our natural hazards bill. Will you be our friend? 

Give a One-Time Gift

Are you able to help us fight for fertile farmlands, preserved natural areas, and strong, livable communities across the state? One-time gifts are a great way to be a part of our community of advocates. Any amount you can give is appreciated. When it comes to fighting against sprawl and for inclusion, every donation counts.


Make the decision to join 1000 Friends of Oregon today. Your gift firmly states: "Yes, I want to help keep Oregon a state we're proud to call home today and in the future. Here's my tax-deductible donation to 1000 Friends of Oregon."

We welcome your membership and your special contributions online (below). You can also mail contributions to 133 SW 2nd Ave. #201, Portland, OR 97204. Please contact our development director, Amanda Caffall, with any questions by emailing or calling (503) 497-1000 x137.