Cooperating Attorney Program

In 1981, 1000 Friends of Oregon initiated the Cooperating Attorney Program (CAP) in an effort to encourage planning departments to make decisions that were supported by the law and the facts. At that time, the state was acknowledging the last few city and county comprehensive plans. However, planners were too frequently ignoring the purposes of the planning laws and their comprehensive plans by illegally approving developments on farm and forest lands.

As a result, 1000 Friends formed the Cooperating Attorney Program to match attorneys willing to work pro bono with parties aggrieved by illegal land use decisions. The program resulted in dozens of positive rulings that established favorable precedent and put local officials on notice that they had to follow state land use laws and their comprehensive plans.

This work continues today, even as the land use program and Oregon's challenges change. CAP continues to connect meritorious land use claims, often in rural areas, with attorneys who help find resolution under Oregon land use law.

If you are affected by a land use decision in your community and want to inquire about CAP, please contact Mary Kyle McCurdy at