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Dear friend,

Happy Holidays!

We would like to wrap up this year with a missive to you and yours. Thank you for being a part of our movement to protect the best of Oregon and build a livable state for future generations. 
We are very proud of our work over the course of this year, and we couldn’t do it without you. 

A brief recap:

  • We started a Food Systems Program, building connections that support the long-term health of Oregon’s agriculture economy.
  • 23 of Oregon’s 36 counties’ rural lands came under threat through attacks on the land use program. 1000 Friends of Oregon participated in several rule makings, legislative bills, and advocacy that mitigated the threat, guided better UGB decisions, and preserved those valued lands.
  • Oregon’s housing crisis has disproportionately affected the most vulnerable in our communities. We are so proud of our work with Anti-displacement PDX and the Oregon Housing Alliance to advocate for better housing solutions for all.
  • Check out Landmark and our Annual Report for more information.
Edmund Garman Kepham Farm Marion County

Sam Beebe Wallowa County Blacksmith Shop Snow Some updates for December we think you’ll care about include….

The Woodburn UGB mediation has come to a resolution, with guidance and assistance from 1000 Friends’ Mary Kyle McCurdy.

Speaking of resolving long-term projects, we are so proud to announce that The Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) has adopted the new rules that will streamline future UGB decisions. This is likely the most significant new rule for land use since the passage of SB 100 in 1974.
Portland Residential Infill Project is seeking public input on residential development to accommodate Portland’s rapidly growing population. 1000 Friends serves on the stakeholder advisory committee, but we need you to add your voice too!
Lastly, we need your
help to build a livable future for every Oregonian! 
Please consider a gift to 1000 Friends this holiday season and make your gift go even further with a matching gift callenge! Returning lapsed members, and new gifts through Give!Guide will each be met dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 total! 

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and as always, we appreciate your generous support.

Thank you for your passion,

The 1000 Friends of Oregon Team

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New Partners for Smart Growth is hosting their annual conference in Portland! Come out to hear Greg Holmes and Mary Kyle McCurdy speak on topics related to farming, food systems, and housing! Early Bird registration runs through December 29th.

Help us build a livable future for every Oregonian!

1000 Friends of Oregon acts as the only organized voice to defend our land use system. Our work is more critical than ever as Oregon’s population continues to grow, and new demands are placed on our urban boundaries. We hope you will consider a gift to 1000 Friends in your end-of-year giving plans.
Adding your gift today also means that we can earn a match gift. We will earn a dollar for dollar match on gifts $20 or higher for every gift that comes from a new or lapsed member, or any gift that comes through the
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LCDC adopts historic new rules for UGB determination
We are very proud to have been a part of the Rule Advisory Committee for The Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) to establish new rules for Urban Growth Boundary decisions. At its core, the rules support streamlined decision making processes for cities as they review their UGB’s. It ensures greater transparency and use of shared and reliable data to make informed decisions. 1000 Friends was deeply involved in this two-year process, and we are pleased with the outcomes. Mostly we want to highlight that the new rules:
1) Fulfill the goals of Oregon's land use program, including housing and citizen involvement.

2) Create efficiency in implementation and use of land within the UGB. This will also save taxpayers money!

3) Ensure that cities utilize shared and factual data ahead of time to mitigate the abuse of the UGB review process.
We have high hopes for this process, but we know that there are always challenges. 1000 Friends is committed to monitoring and supporting cities as they start undertaking the process to ensure a smooth transition, and to continue our work protecting farm and forest lands!

Congratulations to Mary Kyle McCurdy and Mia Nelson, who worked tirelessly to ensure that a shared vision for Oregon's future can be achieved.

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Get on the giving train this season!

Amity OR UGB
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Woodburn UGB Mediation
1000 Friends is happy to announce that a significant milepost has been passed in the mediated settlement of the Woodburn UGB, as described in the attached press release from the city.  1000 Friends, representing 4th generation local family farmers and other residents in and around Woodburn, successfully appealed the city's original UGB decision.  Through the good faith and diligent work of all parties, a successful meditation was reached that protects some of the most valuable farm land in the world, provides economic development opportunities for Woodburn, and focuses new development -especially residential development - closer in to existing neighborhoods and schools.




Portland Residential Infill Project: What you need to know

1000 Friends of Oregon is a member of the Portland Residential Infill Project Stakeholder Advisory Committee. 


We believe that great neighborhoods should be affordable and accessible to all. That means affordable homes are close by things like transit, stores, schools, and other opportunities that support long-term well-being for our community. 

To ensure Portland’s neighborhoods continue to be open to all, we need to make sure we have diverse housing choices linked to a variety of transportation types, and close in to needed amenities.



The project is looking for public input, and you can add your voice to the conversation! To support you in the process, we are happy to provide you different talking points that 1000 Friends believes will help solve our housing needs. Feel free to use these as you see fit.
  • Accommodate more diverse housing types in single-family neighborhoods:
    • Accessory Dwelling Units,
    • cluster cottages
    • brownstones and townhomes
    • smaller homes
    • Converting existing homes into duplex-styles (instead of tearing them down).
    • What other living types can you envision in Portland neighborhoods?
  • Removing onsite parking requirements. Why?
    • Because accommodating cars often results in homes on narrow lots that are too tall or too skinny.
    • Because we should focus our energies on creating better access to public transit, with bike and pedestrian friendly streets. This will help mitigate car’s contributions to climate change.
  • Demand that the city adopt measures that will help current low income residents stay in their homes! More information on those tools can be found here.


 ‚ÄčYou make our work possible. 

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