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We hope you have a spooktacular Halloween! October was jam packed for 1000 Friends. Our annual publication, Landmark, hit the printers, and Portland’s anti-displacement movement is being recognized by Van Jones, thought leader and former White House “Green Jobs Czar.” Way to go, Anti-Displacement PDX!
In this edition of Oregon Stories, you’ll also be reading about…

Rules for Oregon’s marijuana industry, which will limit the amount of outdoor land being used for growers. This is a compromise that 1000 Friends helped broker - We have worked hard to nip conflicts with other rural uses in the bud.
You may have heard about the recent
Eugene City Council decision to postpone planning changes that would have supported diverse housing options. In this Oregon Stories we update you on the implications of this decision, and the latest happenings as a result.
We are also reading about
Seattle’s proposed approach to housing affordability. We know that we can accomplish this for Oregonians too!  
Finally, head’s up on all sorts of activities in November! We are very excited to be featured in
Willamette Week’s Give!Guide for yet another year. This year’s program will go live on November 4th. We hope you will join in the giving season! 

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P.S. Please join us for an informal
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Eugene’s City Council halted plans for South Willamette Special Area Zone

This may seem like a dry, everyday City Council action, but this one has far reaching implications that, if implemented, could violate state law, hinder Eugene’s climate goals, and discriminate against people living in multi-family housing types. So, what happened?
During an October 21st work session, Councilor Mike Clark made a motion to postpone public hearings on new city plans for the South Willamette Special Zone Area. The motion also required city planners to revise plans to prevent areas around transit corridors, currently listed as an R-1 zone (low-density), to be up-zoned to accommodate different multi-housing types. The motion did not specify the affects for a single neighborhood, and could therefore be intended as a citywide mandate. This is contrary to the very direction the council had previously given based on the findings of
Envision Eugene. These housing types help meet the city’s growing population with diverse affordability options for everyone, which is exactly why they were accounted for in the original plans.
Without this zoning flexibility,
Eugene will have to look elsewhere – forcing people further to the edges. We are proud of our Urban Specialist, Mia Nelson, who has been working with the city and residents of Eugene for years to support their vision for an inclusive, climate smart, and open city. We are still hoping for a resolution to the S. Willamette decision by bringing more of the community to the table for discussions and shared understanding. We will keep you updated as more information comes out of future work sessions and decision-making. 

Chris Campbell_Eugene Oregon Autumn
Eugene in the Fall

Chris Phan_Eugene Neighborhood Map

Ryan Khatam_1960's Willamette Street
1960's Willamette Street

Van Jones visits Portland and recognizes Portland’s anti-displacement work

Van Jones served as President Barack Obama's green jobs czar. In a visit to Portland this week, he touted the anti-displacement work, coordinated by Pam Phan on our staff and Cameron Herrington of Verde and Living Cully, as exciting and important. Van Jones is a thought leader for social and environmental justice, and he was in Portland speaking on the clean energy boom.

Van Jones_Britdoc Foundation 2

 Oregon’s Marijuana Industry Rules  

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Oregon. The legislature passed HB 3400 last session and the OLCC has completed its rulemaking. We have worked hard to nip conflicts with other rural uses in the bud including capping the size of outdoor grow operations, restricting the events and activities that can be done in conjunction with a marijuana grow, and making sure that new residences are not approved based upon growing marijuana. There is still more work to do, but we are off to a good start.

 Steven Davis_Medical Marijuana In Oregon 2

Learn about Seattle's approach to housing affordability
Some say Seattle is at risk of becoming San Francisco’s high rent, low livability twin to the North. If that dystopian future sounds familiar, it is because the same is being said of Bend, Eugene, and Portland. Seattle's comprehensive plan to tackle affordability brings together developers and housing affordability activists. Can we accomplish the same here in Oregon? We think so! 

 Howard Ignatius_Seattle Sunset

Landmark: The 40th Anniversary Edition

We are very excited about our upcoming 40th Anniversary Edition of Landmark! If you are a current member of 1000 Friends, be sure to keep an eye out for it in the next week or so. If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of this unique, beautiful publication, become a member today! Supplies are limited!
Thank you for helping advance 1000 Friends work to promote livable urban cores, protect farm and forest land, and plan wisely for Oregon’s future. 

Landmark v40 2015_Final

Get Ready for November!

There are so many things coming up next month, we won’t narrate them. Here is a list of great opportunities to learn, play, and support the community you love.

  • Curious about where our garbage goes? Come to Let’s Talk Trash with Metro and Waste Management on November 4th from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Oregon Historical Society
  • The Housing Land Advocates Conference is coming up on November 6th. Come and hear our friends Dr. Lisa Bates of PSU, Justin Buri of the Community Alliance of Tenants, and Jes Larson of the Welcome Home Coalition, among many others, speak on topics at the intersection of housing and health.
  • Metro’s SW Corridor Plan is now in a public comment period through November 20. Be sure to add your thoughts!
Bjorn Burton_Magical Tree
  • 1000 Friends is again included in Willamette Week’s Give!Guide. The 2015 program goes live on November 4th. We hope that you will join in the giving and become a member of 1000 Friends this year!
  • Plan for your family farm or forest with Ties to the Land Workshops around the state. These workshops support successful succession for family land owners.
  • New Partners for Smart Growth is holding its annual conference in Portland this year! Registration for the February conference is open now.
And finally,

This month we learned....
What those pesky swarms of tiny white flies are. Whew, mystery solved!
It’s a good thing there are natural enemies to the fly! They are crop eaters and could harm our farmers products. 
OSU_Ash Whitefly

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