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Are you ready for winter to end? Yeah, us too. February may be our shortest month of the year, but it was certainly a great month to gear up for an action packed legislative session.


This legislative session has a big docket including a transportation funding package. Learn more about what we would like to see in this package and how you can help make these investments happen.


The Oregon Board of Agriculture has released a report on the state of Oregon’s Ag lands. Surprise - it recommends protecting Oregon’s land use system to ensure the industry continues to thrive.


A great blog has just been published that reflects on the affordability issues built into sprawl development. Housing plus transportation costs make sprawl unaffordable.


Finally, Portland for Everyone rounds up this year’s housing focused legislative proposals. Which ones do you think will make the most positive impact for Oregonians?  

Our Gala is just around the corner. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, be sure to grab a couple and join us for a spectacularly fun evening!

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One of the most talked about topics for this session is the transportation funding package that needs to be passed. 1000 Friends believes that to be a true “package,” the Legislature must include funding for transit service in communities across Oregon, rural and urban. Oregon’s roads and bridges need repair; our communities need safe, complete streets; Oregonians of all walks of life need transit access; and our climate goals need to be met by reducing pollution. As a member of Transportation for Oregon’s Future, 1000 Friends is focused in particular on advocating for funding to support transit service in rural and urban communities. All these goals can be achieved if our Transportation for Oregon’s Future coalition succeeds in our funding asks this year. How can you help? Call, email, or visit your state senator and representative in person! You can also join us for one of our partners lobby days in Salem including For Every Kid/Safe Routes to School Lobby Day on March 6th, and the Transit Lobby Day on April 11th.       

2017 Oregon State of Agriculture Industry Report

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Agriculture continues to be one of Oregon's leading industries, providing over $50 billion in sales of food, fiber, and agricultural products, and providing over 325,000 full and part-time jobs. Oregon's Board of Agriculture just delivered to Governor Brown and the Oregon Legislature the 2017 Oregon State of the Agriculture Industry Report. Oregon is blessed with some of the world's most productive soils and temperate climates, resulting in more than 225 different agricultural products grown in Oregon. This diversity is the strength of Oregon's agricultural industry.

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Affordable housing challenge
sprawl is not the answer
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"Many households spend more than they can afford on housing and transportation, but the latest International Housing Affordability Survey is wrong to recommend sprawl as the best solution. Real solutions must reduce both housing and transport costs." In his recent blog, Todd Litman of Victoria Transport Policy Institute articulately outlines a major cost burden of sprawl on low and medium income households - transportation.

As Oregon continues to see housing price increases, sprawl development through expanded urban growth boundaries has been proposed as a 'solution' - primarily from those who would like to see Oregon's land use system undone.

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Housing at the Legislature 
What's being proposed this year
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Housing is a hot topic this legislative session. A suite of bills has been introduced as proposed solutions for the myriad of housing issues Oregon faces. Our Portland for Everyone team outlines 16 bills under consideration. The details of each bill change as they are discussed in session, but there are several we want to flag as particularly problematic - they are all an attempt to use housing to undermine our land use laws and create sprawl (which you’ll recall from our above article, will not help with affordability). Those bills include SB 630,  SB 608, SB 620, and HB 2209.

One bill we are supporting that is not included in Portland for Everyone’s list is SB 1, which creates an income tax credit for operation costs of housing for agricultural workers.   

This Month We....
Street Stream_Holger Selover-Stephan_CC

Had the wettest February on record in Portland.

Oy, so much snow and rain! Record breaking weather has become a recurring news story as we continue to experience the effects of climate change around the globe. We are also keeping California in our thoughts as they deal with heavy rains (a blessing and a curse for the drought stricken state).
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2017 Gala 

Join 1000 Friends on March 18, 2017 at the Exchange Ballroom for our annual fundraising dinner. Together we will celebrate Oregon's great communities, healthy working lands, and iconic places.  

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The Future of Housing:

A series of events are being held around the state with Dan Parolek discussing 'Missing Middle' housing for our communities.

Join Dan, Building a Better Bend, Bend 2030 and more at the
Tower Theatre in Bend on April 10th at 6:30pm.

Join 1000 Friends, AARP, and more to learn about missing middle housing in
Springfield on April 12 from 7:30-10:30am or in Medford on April 13th from 8:30am - noon where Mary Kyle McCurdy will be speaking. Thanks to AARP for hosting these two events.

Capitol Building

Salem Lobby Days!

March 1Coalition of Communities of Color voicing concerns on pressing issues related to racial equiity
March 6
American Heart Association/For Every Kid/Safe Routes to School advocating healthy programs for our youth.
March 23
Oregon Leauge of Conservation Voters and Oregon Conservation Network fighting climate change and protecting our natural legacy.
April 11
Transit Day advocating for transit funding across the state.

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