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Dear Friend,

June marks the waning days of this long legislative session. Thank you for sticking it out with us and fighting to protect Oregon’s rural lands, support our agricultural economy, and create new housing opportunities for our communities.

We still need your help to combat some
really bad legislation that exempts eastern Oregon from Oregon’s land use laws and carves up our agricultural lands.


How do our housing policies fit with 1000 Friends historic work? We dive into our archives for the answer.


The Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program had a successful lobby day in Salem!


And finally, we are so proud of our latest graduated class from the Land Use Leadership Initiative.  

Thank you for your passion,
The 1000 Friends Team


Ranching_Baker County Tourism

Two Senate bills that deteriorate our land use system received a hearing on June 26. Both passed through the Senate Committee on Rules without any recommendation. As of this update (6/28/17) we are waiting to see where these bills go next.

SB 432 will allow counties to remove land use laws from large portions of eastern Oregon and SB 644 would allow strip-mining on farmland in the same region. The natural beauty and valuable working lands of a large portion of our state are under immediate threat! These bills individually are bad enough, but in tandem they are an outright assault on the preservation of our rural landscape and the valuable agricultural work that takes place there.

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Housing For All
Part of Oregon's Land Use System

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In the Fall, 1980 edition of the 1000 Friends newsletter, then-State Housing Council Chair Betty Niven stressed the importance of fully implementing land use planning Goal 10, Housing. Niven reminded readers that reforms required by the Goal pertain not only to housing supply, but also to "what people can afford to pay for a house - what might be called 'income-sensitive zoning.’

‚ÄčNiven’s words could have been written today, as Oregon struggles to address a statewide housing shortage, and as Oregonians from every county and municipality are being evicted and/or priced out of their communities.

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OAHP Goes to the Capitol
OAHP Group photo

On Thursday, June 21 several of Oregon’s top agriculture and environmental organizations were joined by 38 Oregonians and advocates to lobby Oregon legislators to pass HB 3249, the Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program (OAHP) which would would help Oregon farmers and ranchers plan for succession and maintain agricultural land for future generations. It includes funding for permanent working lands easements, temporary covenants, and conservation management plans, as well as succession trainings and a tax study.


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LULIs Graduate
Congratulations to the class of 2017!
2017 LULI Work Session
The entire team at 1000 Friends of Oregon is excited to congratulate our 2016-17 Land Use Leadership Initiative cohort on their graduation from the program last Thursday, June 22nd! Our 17 new graduates spent 10 months learning the ins and outs of Metro’s Southwest Corridor Project,a proposed extension of Portland’s MAX light rail system from downtown Portland to Bridgeport Village in Tualatin.
This Month We....
3 percent_atlanta_SPLC
Somehow got looped into a weird gun scandal.

According to Representative Mike Nearman, 1000 Friends is the equal opposite to the extremist group 'the Three Percenters'. This odd comparison was made as he defended his staffer after she was charged with providing a gun to a felon. "I know she's affiliated with the Three Percenters. Other legislators have staff who are affiliated with 1000 Friends of Oregon." We'll accept the charge that we are the antithesis of a hate group. Thanks Rep. Nearman!

And thanks to former State Senator Tony Corcoran for
his biting commentary on this odd bit of news: "When's the last time you saw an armed member of 1000 Friends? Seriously?" 
Valuing Downtown Development: Dollars and (Fiscal) Sense

Joe Minicozzi is coming to Southern Oregon. Catch him on July 24th.

11:45 a.m.-1:00p.m. at the Grants Pass City Council Chambers
4:00-6:00 p.m. at the Medford Public Library

How High_Alexodus_CC

Cannabis and the Food System: A Changing Landscape

Join the Rogue Valley Food System Network as they explore the changing role of cannabis in food production with an expert panel. July 19, 6-8pm at the Medford Public Library.

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