Today on the Land Use Trail: Hood River Valley

‚ÄčWe’re continuing our tour of our Land Use Trail. Today, January 13: The Hood River Valley, America's top pear producer and one of Oregon's most beautiful farming regions. 

AboutFew regions in the world can rival Hood River Valley’s deliciously juicy apples, cherries, pears, peaches, and other fruits. The valley is also home to a burgeoning winery industry. The Valley is graced with the view of the snow-capped Mount Hood to the south, and Washington’s Mount Adams to the North. A tight urban growth boundary for the City of Hood River has helped create a terrific downtown, home to renowned microbreweries, hotels, and restaurants. Although pressure for development is constant, 1000 Friends and its local affiliate, the Hood River Valley Residents Committee, have long kept this in check while the local farming industry—with nearly $90 million in annual sales—continues to thrive.

Key Fact: Hood River County leads the world in production of Anjou pears, but its apples, cherries, and other orchard crops are also highly valued. The 2007 US Census of Agriculture found nearly 15,000 acres of pears, apples, and cherries in production in the county.

Another Cool Fact:  The pear is Oregon's state fruit, designated in 2005 by the Oregon legislature. The Oregon Encyclopedia notes that "teenage girls from Hood River, representing that city’s “Blossom Court,” testified before lawmakers in favor of the measure."


  • The Hood River Fruit Loop, with its listings for u-pick farms, country stores, and wine tastings, is the best place to start planning a visit to the Hood River Valley any time of year. The Loop was created by farmers over twenty years ago.

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Photo credit: Zach Dischner, via Flickr. Creative Commons.