Today on the Land Use Trail: Orenco Station

Throughout the year, we'll be featuring stops on our Land Use Trail. Today, October 7: Orenco Station, a transit-oriented community reminds us that public and private sector relationships have the potential to produce innovative, healthy, and successful neighborhoods.

About: Named for a small company town that was once nearby, this Hillsboro neighborhood is widely acclaimed for its success as a leading smart growth development, with pedestrian friendly “skinny” streets, access to light rail, walkable town center, and a range of living types. New development in the area will further solidify its transit connections, affordability, and economic success.

Key Fact: The parcel of land that Orenco Station is built on was originally zoned for commercial and industrial use only. PacTrust, the private development company that orchestrated the project along with Metro, decided to take on the challenge of rezoning the parcel of land for mixed use development, and work to foster a public and private sector relationship that would benefit the local community. 

Another Cool Fact: Lewis & Clark College researchers found transit commuting rates for Orenco Station were higher than those of the Portland region overall, and ten times more residents reported regularly walking to the grocery store than do inhabitants of a typical suburban neighborhood. The researchers also found a higher rate of participation in social groups and activities. Learn more here.


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Text by Nathen Lamb, Communications Intern. Photo of Orenco Station by Derek Severson, via Flickr. Creative Commons.